Month: August 2021

JPJA (2014) – Book NFT & DeFi Pioneer

JPJA is perhaps the first ever DeFi contract*. One hundred shares were issued with a promise of a future dividend based on the verifiable result of an underlying asset. TimelineOn 27 June 2014 I tokenized an eBook and promised a future dividend based on its revenues. Here’s the announcement on Bitcointalk: On 28 June 2014 the token supply was locked at 100 and the description updated to: “1 share = […]

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8 Reasons OLGA is Worth ₿88

The OLGA NFT is for sale at a price of 88.88888888 BTC. The symbolism of eternal eights aside, the old money equivalent is $4,000,000 at $45,000 per Bitcoin. Here are eight reasons we think the price is fair: Olga is the first ever NFTDespite what some may claim, I have yet to see an older true NFT. Typically the earlier pre-NFT experiments were not properly tokenized. They expired and fresh […]

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Timeline of OLGA NFT

OLGA is perhaps the first NFT ever created. Here’s its timeline and some background information. 12 June 2014 – NFT MintedOLGA token is minted through two Bitcoin transactions. The first sets the supply at one indivisible token with description “Моя Вечная One & Only”. The second transaction locks the supply, meaning no more tokens with this name can ever be issued on the Counterparty standard.#1 View on and View on and This […]

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