List of JP Janssen’s Historic NFTs

In 2014 I did several experiments in line with Counterparty’s vision of ‘pioneering peer-to-peer finance‘. Also, the first true NFT was minted by me that year.

In 2015 I let creativity loose and made a few trading cards.

The following two years I only tokenized one asset, a Pepe which got rejected.

DateTokenSupply PriceDescription
2014-06-11JPGOLD1000**First scarce 1/N
2014-06-12OLGA1First 1/1 NFT. Onchain metadata
2014-06-22JPJA100 ***First 1/N NFT. Pdf ebook
2014-08-13OLGA (XDP)10005000ÐTribute to Olga on Dogeparty
2014-09-05JPBULL7 ** Bitcoin call option, DeFi experiment
2014-09-05JPBEAR7 ** Bitcoin put option, DeFi experiment
2014-09-15CPNEWS200 ** Counterparty News, rewards program
2015-08-04SALVATION7 ** Issued anonymously, spiritual NFT
2015-11-24*CHURCHHILL100 ** Notarized NFT, image
2015-11-24GENET100 ** Notarized NFT, trading card
2015-11-24GRAYWOLF100 ** Notarized NFT, trading card
2015-11-24LOCHNESS100 ** Notarized NFT, trading card
2017-06-04RETARDPEPE100 ** Issued anonymously, rejected
* CHURCHHILL was notarized in 2015 but issued in 2021
** Available in bundle dispenser
*** For sale once monthly. Updates on Twitter

Name Collection

Counterparty has a name system which can be collected like ENS domains – but more interestingly, can also be used to issue custom tokens under said name, or even as Bitcoin address aliases.

I collected no less than 3096 such names!

For example I registered KYLO with description ‘Kylo Ren Star Wars Card’. If you buy it you can either

  • Keep it as is and hope the price will increase
  • Add an NFT image and tokenize it with any supply you wish
  • Serialize 1/1 NFTs, e.g. a unique KYLO.01, another image for KYLO.02, etc
  • Or make a market for KYLO subnames, e.g. you sell KYLO.REN while keeping KYLO to yourself

View my searchable list of all 3096 Names with prices.

You can buy a name from me directly (Twitter @jp_janssen) or through Coindaddy‘s trusted escrow.

Sources & Further Information

A file,, is available with much more comprehensive information.

Open README.txt for an outline of each token and further explanation of the name collection.

A directory is added for each token. I’ve collected as many historical sources as possible, like original PDFs, forum posts and screenshots from Wayback Machine.

I hope this will help collectors get a fuller understanding of my vintage tokens.

The zip file’s sha-256 hash is 7203e7dc3924a4db35b3b826614aa4adaef6ae5fd4a3d767d2defe513514559c.
Notarized in Counterparty tx #1788455 on 20 November 2021.

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