List of JP Janssen’s Historic NFTs

In 2014 I did several experiments in line with Counterparty’s vision of ‘pioneering peer-to-peer finance‘. Also, the world’s first known non-fungible token was minted by me that year.

In 2015 I let creativity loose and made a few trading cards.

The following two years I only tokenized one asset, a Pepe which got rejected.

DateTokenSupply PriceDescription
2014-06-11JPGOLD10000.01First scarce 1/N
2014-06-12OLGA1N/AFirst 1/1 NFT, onchain metadata
2014-06-22JPJA100 0.4First 1/N NFT, pdf ebook
2014-08-13OLGA (XDP)1000Ð5000Tribute to Olga on Dogeparty
2014-09-05JPBULL7N/ABitcoin call option, DeFi experiment
2014-09-05JPBEAR7N/ABitcoin put option, DeFi experiment
2014-09-15CPNEWS200 0.005Counterparty News, rewards program
2015-08-04SALVATION7N/A Issued anonymously, practical joke
2015-11-24CHURCHHILL1000.01Notarized onchain, tokenized 2021
2015-11-24GENET1000.01 Notarized onchain, trading card
2015-11-24GRAYWOLF1000.01 Notarized oncahin, trading card
2015-11-24LOCHNESS1000.01 Notarized onchain, trading card
2017-06-04RETARDPEPE1000.008 Issued anonymously, rejected

Name Assets

Counterparty has a name system which can be collected like ENS domains – but more interestingly, can also be used to issue custom tokens under said name, or even as Bitcoin address aliases.

I collected no less than 3096 such names!

For example I registered KYLO with description ‘Kylo Ren Star Wars Card’. With it you can either

  • Keep it as is and hope the price will increase
  • Add an NFT image and tokenize it with any supply you wish
  • Serialize 1/1 NFTs, e.g. a unique KYLO.01, another image for KYLO.02, etc
  • Or make a market for KYLO subnames, e.g. you sell KYLO.REN while keeping KYLO to yourself

View my searchable list of all 3096 Names with prices.

You can buy a name from me directly (Twitter @jp_janssen) or through Coindaddy‘s trusted escrow.

Official Token Dispensers

I recommend you use when buying from dispensers.

Always verify the dispenser on Xchain. Make sure the token is not sold out.

If you buy from an unofficial dispenser, you must trust the seller. Otherwise use the DEX for safe trading.


Gold bullion minted on June 11, 2014. With a fixed supply of 1000 units, this is the first 1/N on Counterparty – a model later used by Spells of Genesis, Rare Pepe and countless more. The image is a screenshot from my original blog post, which was notarized onchain in 2014. Read more.

Send ₿0.01 to [SOLD / NEW DISPENSER IN OCTOBER], receive 1 JPGOLD.
Dispenser on Xchain.


First non-fungible token on Counterparty from June 12, 2014. The metadata is a poetic line; “Моя Вечная One & Only” which translates to “My Eternal One & Only”. The image, which is fully onchain, was added in 2015. Read more.

The OLGA token is not for sale.


Book represented by 100 tokens. Created on June 22, 2014, this is the first 1/N NFT on Counterparty. The ebook was offered for BTC on the DEX, showing that Bitcoin indeed is a currency and that any individual can fund their projects through crypto tokens – like companies issue shares on the stock market. Read more.

Send ₿0.4 to 1xJPJAx1WJnk6FuwTjkRGkMWG4czbqCPt, receive 1 JPJA.
Dispenser on Xchain.

OLGA (Dogeparty)

Tribute to OLGA on Dogeparty, issued with a supply of 1000 divisible tokens on August 13, 2014. A reference to the famous poem “To ***” by Alexander Pushkin was added on November 20 the same year. The line “Твои небесные черты” translates to “Your Heavenly Features”. Read more.

Send Ð100 to [SOLD / NEW DISPENSER SOON], receive 0.02 OLGA.
Unit price: Ð5000.
Dispenser on Xchain.


Bitcoin options experiment. Only 7 JPBULL tokens were issued on September 5, 2014 to show how tokens could represent financial derivatives. The experiment is documented in an immutable pdf and can be independently verified. The image is a screenshot from the 2014 pdf. Read more.

JPBULL is currently not for sale.


While JPBULL are call options, JPBEAR are the corresponding put options. These were issued at the same time and with the same supply as JPBULL.

JPBEAR is currently not for sale.


Intended as a community driven news site incentivized by token rewards. Although I discontinued it after a few months, in late 2014, the early history of Counterparty is documented thanks to this project. The image is a screenshot from an immutable pdf from 2014. Only 200 tokens were issued. Read more.

Send ₿0.005 to [SOLD / NEW DISPENSER IN OCTOBER], receive 1 CPNEWS.
Dispenser on Xchain.


Salvation is promised to holders of the seven tokens minted on August 4, 2015. Announced in a cryptic forum post. The “Counterparty Chit-Chat” podcast discussed this mystical token over two episodes, where one is preserved to this day. The image was added to a forum post in 2017. Read more [COMING SOON].

SALVATION is currently not for sale.

XCP Cards

Intended as the first crypto trading card directory in November 20214, several Spells of Genesis cards, an image of Winston Churchill, and a few open-source “Weird ‘n Wild” cards were notarized. Although the project never went beyond beta, it did result in perhaps in the first immutable creative commons (CC) NFTs. All are 1/Ns with supply 100 each. Read more.

Important: Name/design combo notarized in 2014, but token issued in 2021!
Dispenser on Xchain.

Send ₿0.01 to [SOLD / NEW DISPENSER IN OCTOBER], receive 1 GENET.
Dispenser on Xchain.

Send ₿0.01 to [SOLD / NEW DISPENSER IN OCTOBER], receive 1 GRAYWOLF.
Dispenser on Xchain.

Send ₿0.01 to [SOLD / NEW DISPENSER IN OCTOBER], receive 1 LOCHNESS.
Dispenser on Xchain.


Issued anonymously on June 4, 2017, the card got rejected by Rare Pepe Directory. The design was even censored from the forums, but as an admin I was able to retrieve the md5 hash from a deleted post and verify the design. For further info, see below.

Send ₿0.008 to 1iqPEPEKSQgKGifcYNo7BcB4DpN6EaEC6, receive 1 RETARDPEPE.
Dispenser on Xchain.

Sources & Further Information

A file,, is available with much more comprehensive information.

Open README.txt for an outline of each token and further explanation of the name collection.

A directory is added for each token. I’ve collected as many historical sources as possible, like original PDFs, forum posts and screenshots from Wayback Machine.

I hope this will help collectors get a fuller understanding of my vintage tokens.

The zip file’s sha-256 hash is 7203e7dc3924a4db35b3b826614aa4adaef6ae5fd4a3d767d2defe513514559c.
Notarized in Counterparty tx #1788455 on 20 November 2021.

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