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Insulating an apartment ceiling – My DIY experience

Problem: Top floor apartment is cold in winter. Solution: Insulate with 3 cm of mineral wool and install Scandinavian ceiling panels. It is a one-man job. This blog post is not intended to be a guide – I am not a DIY guru. I just write down notes for my own sake and for inspiration to whoever attempts a similar project. Heat loss. I live in a top floor apartment. […]

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DIY Stores – An example of extreme overpricing

I discovered the same product, a 10L bucket of paint, costs 36 eur in the cheapest store, and 67 eur in my favorite store (now ex-favorite). That’s a whopping 87% price difference! I’m writing this as a reminder to always compare prices. Learn how to use a price comparison app. And, of course, use it from your phone whenever you are in a shop. In my case I have lots […]

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