Year: 2020

My experience of migrating a website from one webhost to another

I just transferred my website from Siteground to Hostinger. The process was pretty easy, although it took me a few hours due to a some hiccups. Transfer the filesI saved all files from Siteground to my computer via FTP (FileZilla) and then uploaded them to Hostinger. It was easy to do but it did take some time. It’s because of WordPress (WP). Plugins have added 10,000+ files to my directories. […]

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Global currency collapse in 2020?

Can the current economic crisis spiral into a full-blown currency crisis? And if so, will multiple currencies fail simultaneously? I do not pretend to know the answers, but here are my thoughts. Summary The bond market (debt market) is very fragile. Quantitative easing (QE) by central banks may have saved it from collapse during the 2008 banking crisis. This time around it’s not only banks, but everything from company junk […]

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Global platinum shortage when corona epidemic hits South Africa?

Seventy percent of the world’s platinum supply comes from South African mines. Will the coronavirus force a full shutdown of SA’s mines? As of today, 23 March 2020, SA is the country in Africa with the most confirmed coronavirus cases; 402, up by 128 in one day. Almost one in five South Africans are infected with HIV. That’s seven million people. Sixty percent of these also suffer from tuberculosis. Nearly […]

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