Is OLGA the first ever NFT?
It is the oldest known non-fungible token. Here’s a timeline of 1/1 NFTs on Bitcoin using Counterparty. Some earlier non-fungible assets, such as domain names, exist on other platforms but these are not tokens. Read more.

What is OLGA’s mint date?
The token was minted on June 12, 2014 with the supply fixed at one token and description “Моя Вечная One & Only”, which translates to “My Eternal One & Only”.

When was OLGA’s image added?
The image was added on August 11, 2015 as a base64 string, fully onchain, stored inside a Bitcoin transaction. View OLGA’s timeline.

Can I use OLGA’s image for a timeline/article/book/publication?
Sure, feel free. I recommend this upscaled version:

What does the on-chain image look like?
Here’s the exact image stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Why is the on-chain image so small?
It’s as large as it could get while fitting inside a bitcoin transaction.

What motivated you to mint OLGA?
Surprise to girlfriend.

Can I collect OLGA?
The OLGA token on Bitcoin is not for sale but I also issued 1000 OLGA tokens on Dogecoin in 2014. These are available to collectors.

I am an artist. Can I make an OLGA derivative?
Sure you can! See list of OLGA versions, derivatives and references.

When was OLGA rediscovered?
On March 26, 2021 in a Telegram chat. This was actually the discovery, not re-discovery, as the token had never been known to the public earlier.

How to verify the image?
The image is fully on-chain, meaning every Bitcoin node keeps a copy of OLGA. I wrote a script that retrieves the image directly from Blockcypher’s api. Here’s the code with some explanation so you can generate the image and upscale it on GIMP yourself.

Why the on-chain image lacks contrast?
The blokchain image was overexposed on purpose. The intent was to make a near-invisible engraving that would pop out when looking from an angle. On a modern screen this may not hold true anymore, but that’s how I presented it to Olga on our old LCD monitor.

How does OLGA relate to other JP Janssen tokens?
It’s the second asset I ever registered. The day before, I minted JPGOLD at a fixed supply of 1000 which turned out to the first use of the scarce 1/N model (later used by Spells of Genesis, Rare Pepe and countless more). Ten days later I created JPJA, a book represented by 100 tokens, what we now would call a 1/N NFT.

How does OLGA relate to other tokens at the time?
User created assets prior to June 2014 were mostly either empty name reservations or tokens with open-ended / large coin-like supply. I.e. the economic model of scarce tokens was invented with JPGOLD, OLGA and JPJA.

Why does Xchain label OLGA as part of the Kaleidoscope project?
OLGA is included in the Kaleidoscope directory. Xchain is a 3rd party service which unfortunately labels anything from that directory as part of their project.

Is OLGA on Counterparty or Bitcoin?
Both. Counterparty is a token standard for Bitcoin. All data is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.

OLGA Versions, Derivatives and References

OLGA Dogeparty
Mint 2014. TODO append image.

OLGA PixelMap
PixelMap is a 2016 smart contract on Ethereum. There are 3968 unique tiles. Each tile can take a 16×16 image which is stored fully onchain. I added this image to tile #1429 in 2022.

OLGA Etheria
Etheria is a 2015 smart contract on Ethereum. There are 1828 unique land plots. Each plot can take a 3D model which is stored fully onchain. On August 11, 2022 I put up a heart shaped cloud to commemorate the 7 year anniversary of OLGA’s image onto tile 276v1.1.

OLGANFT by @C0rnh0li0
To commemorate OLGA’s discovery, @C0rnh0li0 minted a 1/1 NFT with a screenshot of the discovery in March 2021.

PHOCKNFTS.OLGA by nathansoic
This 1/100 NFT is part of the PHOCKHEADS project by nathansonic.

This 1/69 NFT references multiple OG art assets including OLGA. We bought one token from Tasha Moon, printed it and put it on the wall.

HNFT Banner
Can you spot OLGA in the banner for the 2022 Historic NFT Fest?

OLGA vs Alternative “First NFT” Claims

Are not Namecoins earlier?
These are domain names. A completely different asset class, not intended as tokens and never been referred to as such. They may have been the first non-fungible assets, but OLGA was the first token. In other words, OLGA put the T in NFT.

Wikipedia says Quantum is first?
This is false information. Unfortunately it is near impossible to edit Wikipedia. The truth is that Quantum was a namecoin asset that expired. The version sold as the first NFT is a 2021 Ethereum mint. Also, as far as name assets are concerned, there are thousands that predate Quantum. It was perhaps the first to represent legal ownership, a model NFTs in general should avoid.

Isn’t TEST the first Counteparty NFT?
TEST is the first user created asset. Issued to test the decentralized exchange. It never had a symbolic meaning, nor any metadata. The supply was open-ended, initially set at 1000. The image was added in 2021, when 600 tokens were destroyed and the supply locked to make it a 1/N NFT.

What about THING?
THING was issued on April 7, 2014 with a supply of 1,00,000. In 2021 all but one token were destroyed and supply locked, making it an NFT in retrospect. Several even earlier assets can potentially do the same.

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