Year: 2023

Who Invented NFTs?

Don’t trust Wikipedia. The real evidence points to me, JP Janssen. These are the oldest known NFTs: OLGA, the literal definition of NFT; non-fungible token. JPGOLD, a scarce amount of identical tokens; so-called 1/N NFT. JPJA, the second 1/N and the first NFT project. These were all created by me in June 2014. Also, in 2015 I was the first to add immutability to crypto trading cards. Context The first token […]

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JP’s Asset Shop

In 2014 I did several token experiments in line with Counterparty’s vision of ‘pioneering peer-to-peer finance‘. In 2015 I let creativity loose and made a few trading cards. I also collected a substantial amount of unique asset names. Tokens Tokens are occasionally listed for sale. Offers are announced on Discord and/or Twitter. Name Assets Counterparty has a name system which can be collected like Namecoin or ENS domains – but […]

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Compressed XCP Transactions

This is a draft proposal for compressed Counterparty messages. The benefits will be: slightly reduced fees for ordinary XCP transactions. significantly reduced fees when bundling several XCP messages in one BTC tx. First let’s look at a typical Counterparty message: 434e5452505254590a000000000000000100000000ee6b28000000000001d6b896000000000bebc2001f800000000000000000 Prefix The first eight bytes, 434e545250525459, is the prefix. It translates to CNTRPRTY. All Counterparty transactions use this prefix. My proposal suggests an alternative prefix, 584350, meaning XCP. This […]

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