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WTF Happened in 1971?

I found a website with economic charts from 1971 until today. The site is simply called wtfhappenedin1971.com. It’s a collection of interesting economic graphs showing the demise of the US (and the West) since that particular year. In case you’re not familiar with the context, watch President Nixon ending the Gold Standard in August of 1971: P.S. Wtfhappenedin1971 is by a bitcoin company called RiverFinancial. I do not know who […]

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My Fear of Hyperinflation

I did a little bit of research on inflation. Here are my notes. What triggers hyperinflation, quote Wikipedia: Hyperinflation is often associated with some stress to the government budget, such as wars or their aftermath, sociopolitical upheavals, a collapse in aggregate supply or one in export prices, or other crises that make it difficult for the government to collect tax revenue. May the pandemic, with its frequent lockdowns and exuberant […]

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