Year: 2024

OLGA STAMP Minter for Electrum

Here I will show you how to mint a Bitcoin NFT from the Electrum wallet. Your artwork will be made up of small amounts of Bitcoins, not too different from crafting jewelry out of gold. With one essential distinction: Bitcoin art is permanent. So please think twice or thrice before minting – your artwork is forever. Your art will be represented either by one unique token (literal NFT) or a […]

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Counterparty Image Archives

I have made some archives to help preserve Counterparty’s rich art history. Xchain Archive Size: 16.9 GB The archive contains 14,063 images, each associated with a token and a project. I created it on January 16, 2024. It should contain all assets with a project label (less 10 images that failed to download). Archive secured with on-chain hash; see and decoder. Image URL Archive Size: 12.9 GB The archive […]

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