Counterparty Image Archives

I have made some archives to help preserve Counterparty’s rich art history.

Xchain Archive

Size: 16.9 GB

The archive contains 14,063 images, each associated with a token and a project. I created it on January 16, 2024. It should contain all assets with a project label (less 10 images that failed to download).

Archive secured with on-chain hash; see and decoder.

Image URL Archive

Size: 12.9 GB

The archive contains 13,614 images, each linked to from a token’s description (direct URL or through a json file). If a service provider shuts down, this archive can be used to restore the images. I created the archive on July 17, 2022.

Archive secured with on-chain hash; see and decoder.

Dogeparty Image Archive

Size: 4.7 GB

This is a similar image URL archive for Dogeparty. It contains 4368 images, saved on May 24, 2022.

Archive secured with on-chain hash; see xchain.


I have uploaded a torrent with above archives (37 GB). Download and share to help preserve Counterparty.


Do not confuse Counterparty with the “social art layer” built on top of it. Artists have in various ways associated images with their tokens, unfortunately often with URLs subject to link-rot or through off-chain directories. My archives serve to protect these image-token relationships. The Counterparty tokens themselves are perfectly safe, secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. Read more.


The xchain archive has a sha256 checksum that begins with 1dc1762631ca6b58855f44b4d4417d93bd. You can confirm this by running the file through a hash generator. The hash is timestamped onchain, which any Counterparty-aware Bitcoin explorer will confirm (see links above).

The URL Image archives are a little bit more complicated. The hash is not of the zip file – but of a receipt file inside the archive. The receipt contains hashes of all images. The advantage is that you can have a partial archive and be able to confirm any image file (as long as you also have the receipt file). See Github.

The Xchain Directory

The Xchain directory contains 50 projects / directories.

Age of Chains            15 images
Age of Rust              10 images
AtOMo                   133 images
Bitcorns                364 images
Bitgirls                 26 images
CrystalsCraft            36 images
Diecast                  18 images
FootballCoin            429 images
Force Of Will           154 images
Gameicon                 19 images
Kaleidoscope           1977 images
Mafia Wars              249 images
MemoryChain             152 images
Oasis Mining             66 images
Penisium                 30 images
PepeVote                  0 images
Rare Pepe              1774 images
Sarutobi Island           6 images
SKARA                    12 images
Spells of Genesis       266 images
Fake Rare               817 images
Drooling Ape Bus Club   403 images
XCPinata                 24 images
Dank Directory         2306 images
Scannable NFTs          116 images
Phunchkins              150 images
Fake Munchkin            27 images
PHOCKHEADS              488 images
Fake Ape Club           305 images
The Pepe Project         97 images
RetroXCP                 92 images
Pepemon                   0 images
The Wojak Way           273 images
17ART                   131 images
Bitcoin War Bonds        12 images
Spamgelo                 69 images
Rare Lands               51 images
Fake Commons           1652 images
Bassmint                 36 images
HODLPET                  23 images
Barnyard Club            74 images
FAUX SOGS               258 images
Rare Shadilay           150 images
Rare Ordinal Directory  241 images
Modern Relics            96 images
Rude Relics              81 images
Assetic                  22 images
Rare Bobo                76 images
Rare Coco               159 images
Counterparty BitBowl     32 images
Common Coco              62 images
Wojak NPC                14 images
TOTAL                 14073 images

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