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Tip: Monthly backup of photos from phone (incl. WhatsApp)

Every month I copy all images and videos from my phone over to my laptop. How to do it quickly with Windows File Explorer: Connect your phone with a USB cable. Open the root Phone folder in Windows Explorer. Search for the relevant year and month, e.g. *201911 for November 2019. All photos and videos are then selected. Copy all the files. This works for my Android phone’s camera, WhatsApp […]

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Are rubber shield skate bearings lighter?

Rubber Shield Bearing

Question: Are inline skate bearings with rubber shields lighter than those with metal shields? Answer: A rubber shield bearing is 10.9 grams while a metal shield bearing is 11.3 grams. How I found out: I weighed a set of twelve new Wicked Twincam ILQ-9 Classic metal shield bearings. They weigh 135 g in total, which equates to 11.3 g each. Then I did the same for a set of new […]

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GoPro – How to shoot flicker free in Europe and Asia

Problem: Footage from my GoPro Hero 7 Black flickers if I shoot indoor. Solution: Go to Preferences -> Regional -> Video Format. Select PAL. From my tests, 25 fps and 50 fps are completely flicker free indoor under artificial lights. Computer monitors and TVs are also perfectly fine. The point is that these rates are only available under PAL. With NTSC you have the option between in 30 fps, 60 […]

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Tip: Consistent index in HTML drop-down list and JS array

Problem: Populate a drop-down list with array values. After a user selects a value, get the array index of that value. Solution: Populate the value attributes with the array indexes. These are hidden from the user. Here’s a working example: The page is nothing but a drop-down list: When a selection is made, a text is printed: P.S. In this example the first option is Select Car. It is not […]

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How to make a pdf from user input on website

Problem: Generate a pdf on a website (client side) with user input. Solution: Use the pdfMake library! To get started, make a html file: Save the above code as an html file. Also save the two scripts (pdfmake.js and vfs_fonts.js) in the same folder. Then open the html file in a browser, fill in a name, and click the button. You should now be able to save or open a […]

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Mixed HTML+CSS+JS syntax highlighting for WP?

Problem: Is there any WordPress plugin that displays CSS and JS inside HTML code? Status: Not solved! Partial solution only, Background: I want WordPress to display mixed HTML+CSS+JS with colored syntax similar to this example from Brackets: Brackets understands that lines 7-11 are CSS, and lines 21-28 are JS. I tried the popular plugins SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and Enlighter. Neither did the job correctly, but the latter had a better UX […]

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