8 Reasons OLGA is Worth ₿88

The OLGA NFT is for sale at a price of 88.88888888 BTC.

The symbolism of eternal eights aside, the old money equivalent is $4,000,000 at $45,000 per Bitcoin.

Here are eight reasons we think the price is fair:

  1. Olga is the first ever NFT
    Despite what some may claim, I have yet to see an older true NFT. Typically the earlier pre-NFT experiments were not properly tokenized. They expired and fresh Ethereum tokens were sold in their place. OLGA is the same token today as it was in 2014.

  2. Olga is an archeological discovery
    When I created the NFT in 2014/15 I didn’t tell anyone (except the real One & Only Olga of course). It was not until March 2021 that someone discovered it while researching vintage NFTs.

  3. Olga is a petroglyph
    I was inspired by rock carvings. This was for several reasons. First, the blockchain is an even more durable medium than bedrock. Second, I wanted an picture of us on the blockchain but not a too explicit one. Third, I was thrilled by the idea that some day someone could discover it.

  4. Olga is an ENFT (and perhaps still the only one)
    The image is engraved on the blockchain in one gigantic transaction. If I had rather included just a URL or a hash, the image would perhaps have been lost by now. Putting the entire artwork on-chain made it eternal, hence I use the term Eternal NFT or ENFT in short. Watch my tutorial to make your own ENFT. As far as I know, Olga is still the only ENFT.

  5. Olga is on Bitcoin
    Bitcoin is the perfect blockchain for ENFTs. First, Bitcoin is 99% pure transaction data, so any metadata stands out. Second, the Bitcoin blockchain will be around for centuries. Even if Bitcoin is to become a tulip mania 2.0, historians will forever keep copies of the Bitcoin blockchain, and scholars will recurrently research it. Generations from now I’m confident Olga will resurface.

  6. Vintage NFTs are hot
    The first Pepe card, RAREPEPE (2016, 1/300) was last traded at Ξ99 / $320,000. This implies a marked cap of $96,000,000. Similarly EtherRocks (2017, 1/100) have a market cap of $25,000,000. Olga (2014, 1/1) is yet to be traded but listed at about $4,0000,000 at the current rate.

  7. Olga is decentralized
    The token follows the 2nd layer Counterparty standard. It can be sent between Bitcoin addresses just like regular Bitcoins. It is even listed on a dispenser contract, which means it can be bought anonymously if the collector so wishes.

  8. Olga is the One & Only
    Can you find any vintage NFTs or crypto collectable with a more unique story? Olga is the One & Only in so many ways!

The token was never meant to have monetary value, yet here it is – one of the most sought-after crypto collectables. We contemplated for a while what to do with it. How can we sell our priceless token? We concluded that the meaning behind the token is what matters and a sale will not take this away from us. Rather, as we feel frustrated by ignorance and false claims in the NFT space, we believe a sale will further put OLGA and Bitcoin NFTs on the map. We expect the buyer to be more connected and more capable of promoting this One & Only piece of crypto history. This will bring us satisfaction way beyond the cash from a sale.

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