Timeline of OLGA NFT

OLGA is perhaps the first NFT ever created. Here’s its timeline and some background information.

12 June 2014 – NFT Minted
OLGA token is minted through two Bitcoin transactions. The first sets the supply at one indivisible token with description “Моя Вечная One & Only”. The second transaction locks the supply, meaning no more tokens with this name can ever be issued on the Counterparty standard.
#1 View on Xchain.io and Blockchain.com.
#2 View on Xchain.io and Blockchain.com.
Comment: This token was minted as a gift to my girlfriend (now wife). “Моя Вечная One & Only” translates to “My Eternal One & Only”. The symbolism is self-explanatory. I thought of it as a ‘relationship token’ and it turned out to be a non-fungible token way ahead of its time. It is indeed the first locked 1/1 token on Counterparty.

11 August 2015 – Art Added
I embed a short text and a sketch drawing of Olga and me in a bitcoin transaction: “Моя дорогая вечная Ольга! Поздравления с именинами! […]” The text means “My Dear Eternal Olga! Congratulations with your Name Day”. The image is a pencil drawing I made.
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Comment: I wanted to eternalize us on the blockchain with the idea that perhaps one day someone will discover our image. At the same time I didn’t want to put something too revealing, so I decided to mimic petroglyphs (rock carvings). I made a drawing, scanned and downsized it so it would fit inside a bitcoin transaction.
Do you want to make a similar NFT? Here’s my video guide.

26 March 2021 – NFT Discovered

Comment: We were really thrilled when we heard about this. I was actually contacted by someone who wanted to buy the token as it supposedly was the very first NFT. Of course, at first we didn’t know how to react.

10 July 2021 – Listed for Sale
We moved the token to a dispenser address and listed it for sale at 88.88888888 BTC ($4mln at $45k/BTC).
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#5 View on Xchain.io and Blockchain.com.
Comment: The token was never meant to have monetary value, yet here it is – one of the most sought-after crypto collectables. We contemplated for a while what to do with it. How can we sell our priceless token? We concluded that the meaning behind the token is what matters and a sale will not take this away from us. Rather, as we feel frustrated by ignorance and false claims in the NFT space, we believe a sale will further put OLGA and Bitcoin NFTs on the map. We expect the buyer to be more connected and more capable of promoting this one and only piece of crypto history. This will bring us satisfaction way beyond the cash from a sale.

31 August 2021 – Offer Withdrawn
The dispenser was closed and we moved the token to a safe multisig address.
Comment: We decided to take a step back and re-evaluate. The explosive interest in vintage tokens, including Spells of Genesis (SoG) and Rare Pepe on Counterparty, proves the demand for old Bitcoin collectables. Another point is that we believe personalized NFTs (Love NFTs, Relationship NFTs, Jewelry NFTs, ‘Nice Words’ NFTs, etc) will become popular. This will further strengthen OLGA’s position in blockchain history.

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