OLGA on Dogecoin (2014)

Shortly after I minted the original OLGA on Bitcoin, I made a second version on Dogecoin. Here’s the story.

June 2014

Just having learned how to issue crypto assets on Bitcoin via Counterparty, I feel like surprising my girlfriend Olga with a very special token. Wanting to add a poem to it – and limited by the fifty or so character limit – I come up with the one-lined monostich Моя Вечная One & Only. This translates to:

My Eternal One & Only

August 2014

Counterparty’s sister platform on Dogecoin launches. I rush to claim the name OLGA before someone else grabs it.

As I’m about the register the name – a dilemma becomes apparent – what amount to set the token supply at? If I mint one unique token on this chain too, then there will be two OLGA tokens. Doesn’t feel right! Unlike roses, which you can give again as soon as the old ones fade, a creative gift has to have an element of originality. Something unexpected, something never done before. The first token surprise is a success because it is an authentic expression, an unforeseen display of emotions. I want to be original this time too, so a supply of one is out of the question.

My intuition says one thousand tokens! I cannot put my finger on why – maybe because this is a number from the fairytales? I go for one thousand divisible tokens. Divisible feels softer, more rounded, feminine.

I cannot think of a sweet one-liner for these tokens. It’s incredible difficult to express oneself in one sentence, so I keep this surprise secret for now.

November 2014

While studying Russian literature, I stumble on the line Твои небесные черты from the poem K*** by the famous poet Alexander Pushkin. In English this roughly translates to:

Your Heavenly Features

It immediately strikes me! These one thousand tokens symbolize Olga’s abundance of heavenly features! I eternalize these words inside a Dogecoin transaction, and my token gift is complete.

Sometime 2015

The Dogeparty platform loses popularity in favor of its big brother, Counterparty. As the user-count drops below a critical level, no one cares to run nodes and wallets anymore. OLGA falls into a deep sleep for many years.

Fast Forward to 2021

With the explosive interest in NFTs, a few passionate community members decide to turn Dogeparty’s lights back on.

I brush the dust off my old keys, log back in, and hurray! OLGA is still here – as if not a day has passed, yet waking up from a thousand doge-years sleep.

I figure it will be wise to move OLGA to a new safe address just in case. Like the prince carrying Snow White in his arms down the tower stairs, I take the uttermost care.


Arrived at the new address, I’m shocked when I realize the line Твои небесные черты is reduced to Твои небес. A bug ate a chunk of the non-English characters! Luckily I figure out that by updating the text with multiple spaces appended, I can trick the bug to consume these instead. And so I restore OLGA to her original glory.

How to Collect OLGA

While the original Bitcoin OLGA is not for sale, we have decided to make the Dogecoin version available to collectors. The supply is locked at one thousand tokens, and a dispenser is open at DChdsuLuEvAPZb9ZXpiEpimgidSJ5VqShq.

To make it affordable to anyone, a fractional token can be purchased. Send 100 DOGE to the above address and you get 0.02 OLGA in return.

Correspondingly, if you send 5000 DOGE, the dispenser returns one full OLGA token.

You can view the dispenser on Xchain.

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