GIMP – Outline Text Shortcuts

These are the steps to outline text in GIMP:

  1. Write the text
  2. Right click inside text box
  3. Select Path from Text
  4. Shift+CTRL+N to open the New Layer form
  5. Enter to OK the default options
  6. Shift+V to select the path around the text
  7. Click Select, then Grow…
  8. Enter to OK the default options
  9. Shift+B to select the Bucket Fill Tool
  10. Click over the text to fill with the foreground color
  11. Click Layers tab on the left menu
  12. Drag the text outline layer one level down

A pain for sure, but at least with this list I won’t have to memorize the process.

If you get lost, here’s a more detailed guide.

PS. If you edit the text later, you mess up the outline.

PSS. For youtube thumbnails (1280×720 pixels) growing the selection by 3 pixels works well. You only need to set it once. GIMP remembers your selection.

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