The Discovery of the Oldest NFT Sold on Auction

In March this year Telegram user Cornholio the Great discovered OLGA, the oldest known NFT.

He went on to create another NFT named OLGANFT which is a tribute to the original OLGA.

This screenshot of the chat is the NFT:


The drawing shown on the chat is the original OLGA which he discovered on the bitcoin blockchain as a base64 image.

Cornholio put OLGANFT up for auction with the following writeup:

‼️ 📣 🚨 🔊 🚨 🌕 💃🕺 ☄️ 🚨 🔊 🚨 📣 ‼️


OLGA is the earliest known single-issue, indivisible, locked asset of any platform created on Counterparty. It is a true NFT, the “One & Only” of its time. Issued on Bitcoin Block 305,451 and locked on Block 305,455, June 12th, 2014, OLGA secured itself in blockchain history.

The same issuing address later sent out a broadcast with the message “Моя дорогая вечная Ольга! Поздравления с именинами!”, which roughly translates to “My dear eternal Olga! Birthday greetings!” In addition to this message was a base64 code of an image. This image lives in Bitcoin’s blockchain! It is now attached to this new asset via imgur.

OLGANFT is not OLGA, rather it is an homage to NFT history, Counterparty, and the original issuer JP Janssen. OLGANFT brings together the history of the OLGA NFT with the image of Olga and JP that was uploaded to Bitcoin’s blockchain via Counterparty. The image attached comes from the NFT AUCTION chat where the image of OLGA was rediscovered and shared.

Broadcast of message and image –
Image –


1/3 Counterparty Development
1/3 OLGA’s creator JP Janssen
1/3 Cornholio the Great

note: OLGANFT is not OLGA

The auction took place in the Telegram group

Telegram NFT Auction

Two bidders. Price $350.

I find it very encouraging that a tribute to OLGA has a value in itself. Especially when 99.99% of the crypto community don’t know about OLGA yet.

The discovery of OLGA was made in the mentioned Telegram group which is a niche chat of collectors of rare trading cards and NFTs on the Bitcoin Counterparty system.

I think it’s only a matter of time before the wider crypto community discovers these crypto collectible as they are the oldest NFTs around – with OLGA being the first one of them all.

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