SALVATION (2015) – Practical Joke NFT

Sometime 2015 I minted a few SALVATION tokens, made an anonymous announcement, leaned back and enjoyed the reactions.

The Conception

On August 4, 2015 I issued 7 indivisible SALVATION tokens with description:


A couple days later I transferred the issuance-right to 1SaLvationGodsMarveLousGracaLgYQS. If, by a miracle, this address has a private key, salvation can be bestowed upon every soul on the planet. Otherwise, sorry, only 7 passes to heaven are available.

The Announcement

I made a nonsensical announcement on Reddit under an anonymous profile. The idea was to grant a scarce token for free to some, while others had to pay for it. Would a little bit of jealousy make them want it so much they would pull out real cash to get one?

The Revelation

The first segment where Chris (brighton36) and Junseth discuss SALVATION sadly didn’t make it to Robert Ross’ XCP Weekly Update.

Thankfully next week’s chat did make it to the show. Listen to them finding the true meaning:

The Greed

From the podcast it is evident that Junseth bought not just one, but three SALVATIONs. His address history indicates he even had the foresight to collect FDCARD and 10 RAREPEPEs. These are sold but there’s no sign of him giving up on his SALVATION.

The Confession

I bought one token myself. The price was 0.7 XCP (~$1) and I flipped it to Junseth for ten times the amount. I sold my soul for a $9 profit…

The Praise

The Betrayal

Reddit user ‘frameLAlife’ made me spend a BTC tx fee on a DEX order but never placed the matching trade.

The Icon

In 2017 I added SALVATION to my XCP Cards website. Adding an image felt appropriate, so I took a religious icon from the public domain. You may find it also in the Counterparty forums.

The Day of Reckoning

On November 20, 2021 I documented all my historic tokens and assets. I wanted to be transparent, so I included anonymous stuff like SALVATION.

Historic Significance

I don’t know if SALVATION can be considered art, but if this is the case – could it be the first “Participatory Art NFT”?

On the list of scarce tokens that were actually collected, SALVATION (at Aug 8, 2015) would have been #15 if the algorithm could catch lock-by-burn. It is the first ultra-scarce indivisible, as the lowest prior to SALVATION’s 7 was JPJA with supply 100.

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