Donation Dispensers for My XCP Projects

Over the coming months I plan to contribute these open source solutions to Counterparty (and perhaps also Dogeparty).

  1. Token History Search [COMPLETE]
    View live versions for Counterparty and Dogeparty. Source code on Github.
  2. Passphrase Tool [COMPLETE]
    View live version. Source code on Github. Useful for exporting addresses (legacy and segwit), e.g. for import to Electrum.
    For seed recovery, you can try CounterTools.
  3. Opreturn Builder [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
    This tool will make it possible to use Counterparty with multisig addresses. I’ve already made a working send script for Electrum.
    I want to make something more user friendly; illustrated guide, better API integration, possibility of setting up dispenser, transfer ownership, broadcast text, etc.

Donation Dispensers

If you donate towards my work, I give you tokens of appreciation in return.

Large donations can potentially receive fractions of all my vintage tokens except JPJA and OLGA.

Smaller donations receive fractions of my 2014 experiments JPBULL, JPBEAR and CPNEWS.

UPDATE 2022/08
I emptied all the dispensers. Check out the token shop instead.
The only donation dispenser still open is the one for Dogeparty; see Dispenser C below,

What’s a Dispenser Bundle?

It’s possible to have more than one dispenser on one address. These will trigger independently, so if you send the 0.001 BTC necessary to get a fraction of JPBULL – you simultaneously activate the JPBEAR and CPNEWS dispensers too.

I programmed all dispensers in the same bundle to run dry simultaneously. Therefore you only need to check one. If it is still open, the other dispensers in the same bundle are also still open.

For example, if you want B1 and JPBULL is still open, you can be confident that JPBEAR and CPNEWS are too.

However B1 will run dry before B2, which will empty faster than B3.

If you want B3 you need to check CHURCHHILL, but also JPGOLD and JPBULL to see if B2 and B1 are still open.

Hybrid Model

I could have just announced these tokens for sale, and for all I know, maybe, maybe not, collectors would have bought them anyway.

But this would have given me bit of a bad feeling since the Weird & Wild designs are not my work. They are taken from a wiki, CC licensed with right to commercial reuse. Legally, I should be in the green no matter what, morally probably too, but I feel that if I take from the public domain I should give something back.

And the best I can do in return is code for Counterparty! If the community even pays for my time, that’s a dream come true!

Update 10 Dec 2021
Dispensers so far received 0.033 BTC and 10,149 DOGE.
Due to these generous donations I made the asset timeline tool.
Once 0.1 BTC is received, I will move on to the passphrase tool.

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